Relevé sur le blogue de Sarah Leavitt, le mercredi 18 juillet 2012

Nous citons la nouvelle :

“Things may not have worked out between Laurier BBQ and Gordon Ramsay but a new celebrity chef is coming to Montreal. According to Lesley Chesterman of the Montreal Gazette, Britain’s Jamie Oliver will be teaming up with renowned Montreal chef Derek Dammann, to open up a new restaurant in the Plateau.

Come mid-September, Maison Publique will open featuring British-style food. “For years, Jamie and I have been talking about collaborating on a low-key, welcoming, neighbourhood place,” Dammann told the Gazette. “I thought Canada would be ideal for him because it’s more off-the-beaten path than countries like the U.S. or Australia. After two years of talks, it’s becoming a reality.”

Il ne reste plus qu’à souhaiter le meilleur succès à MM. Oliver et Dammann.